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million, or 16 percent of its entire
global business in 2013.
ThoughALTANA is headquartered
inGermany, its corporate culture
embodies many qualities typically
associatedwithAmerican ingenuity.
Traits like entrepreneurship and
risk-taking are the kinds of values
that have helped to build the
company into the global power
it is today: driven by innovation,
decentralized, flexible and geared
to service.
As a guiding principal for success,
ALTANA believes one of the key
aspects for organic growth is market
penetration and regional expansion.
ALTANA has spent the last few years
identifying themost valuable
markets and business segments and
focused on becoming the best in
those geographies.
InDecember 2012, ALTANA
purchased the Chemical Corporation
of America, a U.S. manufacturer
of specialtywax additives. Dr.
Christoph Schlünken, President
Division BYKAdditives & Instru-
ments, said at the time: “The product
portfolio of ChemCor does not just
open up the Americanmarket
in the area of wax additives alone;
for BYK, newmarket segments, such
as wax additives for industrial
applications, also become accessible.
What’s more important, the ChemCor
site in Chester can also continue to
grow through our know-how and our
customer base locally.”
Continuing this expansion in the
United States, ALTANA bought
RockwoodHoldings’ rheology
modifier business inOctober 2013.
This business is one of theworld’s
leadingmanufacturers of clay-based
additives, whichmakes it an ideal
fit for the BYK portfolio. Of the
Rockwood acquisition, Dr.Wolfruber
said, “The acquisition of Rockwood’s
rheology business is fully in linewith
our focus on true specialty chemicals
and opens up new growth opportuni-
ties.” Rheology additives are amongst
others used in coatings, construction
materials and personal care products.
They can, for example, ensure that
coatings have the right viscosity and
that they can be appliedwithout
forming droplets or bubbles.
ALTANA also purchased Henkel’s
specialty coatings business inAugust
2013. The products are sold under
the brand namesMiraFoil and
Miracure and aremainly supplied to
the packaging industry inNorth
America. In 2012, these products
generated revenues of around $15
million. ACTEGA integrated this
business in the subsidiaries ACTEGA
Kelstar in the United States and
ACTEGA Terra inGermany.
ALTANA’s Investment
Most recently, ALTANA injected the
BYKUSA business with a $50
million investment to expand its
facility inWallingford, Connecticut.
It was the single largest investment
that ALTANA has made outside of
Germany in its history. With this
commitment, ALTANA and BYK have
developed a state-of-the-art facility
that is now home to high-tech
“[The United States] is experiencing a revival
in ALTANA’s target electrical, coatings, inks,
and plastics markets. The U.S. is an innovation driver.
We need to be there.”
Dr. Matthias L.Wolfgruber, CEO of ALTANA
Dr.Matthias L.Wolfgruber, CEOALTANA
GermanAmerican Trade July/Aug 2014
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