GACC Supported | Technology & Ehtics in an unpredictable future

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17.01.2018 | 18:00
- 21:00
Founders Space | San Francisco

From Ancient Wisdom to Techno Ethics: Leading in an Unpredictable Future

A dynamic series of micro-sessions curated from the Ignite Institute Leadership and Innovation Lab's new Certificate of Leadership and Innovation for an Unpredictable Future, designed to prepare ethical, socially responsible and resilient leaders.
This single-evening preview will feature scholars of ancient wisdom, socially-responsive leaders, and experts in Techno Ethics. This blend of leaders is uniquely suited to help mid-career professionals harness our rapidly changing environment as an asset, and to specifically assess how and when to apply a moral conscience to technology.
Panelists will address how ancient wisdom informs ethics in innovation and hence the leadership needed for these unprecedented times.

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