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GACCs are licensed to process apprenticeship program certifications to German standards and have developed a far-reaching model for nationwide implementation

GACCs Dual Apprenticeship Programs - 3 GACCs, 1 mission

The range of services offered by the GACCs varies from region to region depending on the need of the respective company cluster. The GACCs make a huge investment in their capacities to provide you with the resources you need to successfully implement German Dual Apprenticeship Programs in your company or company cluster. Whether it's general information or guidance and help throughout the different phases like Kick-off, Training, or Exam, we are here to help.

Below, you'll find sample statistics, cost analyses, and infographics about our programs.

Infographics, Visuals and Details

Here is a sample of how our Skills services operate. There are three crucial steps to the dual apprenticeship system: Company Training, College Education and Exams. The student switches off between blocks of education and in-company training.

Here is a breakdown of how dual apprenticeship programs financially benefit companies. Employee costs are always a major concern for employers. However, the cost analysis below explains how investing in a dual apprenticeship program and "growing your own" workforce is actually more cost-effective than an outside hire.

Here you'll find a detailed breakdown of how our programs work: the Kickoff, Training, and Exam phases. You'll also find at the bottom our Continuous Services -- things we do for you before, during, and after we implement the dual apprenticeship program at your company.