Market Entry USA

Interested in exploring your opportunities in the U.S. market? Or, would you like to access the U.S. market by establishing or expanding a subsidiary?

You are at the right address. The U.S. market raises many questions for German companies:

  • Does my product fit the US market?
  • What is the right marketing concept?
  • Which legal aspects apply?
  • How do I get in touch with business partners and customers?
  • How do I communicate successfully in the U.S.?

Our Consulting Services Department assists and supports German companies with their US market entry and expansion plans. In close cooperation with our clients we develop solutions tailored to our clients needs and professionally guide our clients throughout the process.

General Inquiries and Contacts

Quick and comprehensive response to general questions regarding aspects of U.S. market activities such as import and export regulations. We also connect contacts to experienced, trustworthy service providers such as law and accounting firms, banks, and insurance brokers.

Market Analysis

Targeted market analysis to assess your company’s ability to compete with similar businesses in the U.S. market.

Legal & Tax / Incorporation Service

Information on general legal questions related to German-American business transactions and support in incorporating businesses in the U.S. In addition we provide company information and act as U.S. Agent in relation to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We also offer a Collection and Business Mediation Service.

Business Representation

Set up your U.S. business address and telephone number at one of our locations. Our trained teams of bilingual professionals are familiar with the U.S. market and can offer your business professionalized and localized services. These include daily correspondence, order processing, and sales-oriented marketing services.

Site Selection

Support for business site selection for your manufacturing or warehouse-distribution operations. Our customized site selection consulting includes recommending a selection of qualified properties, as well as an analysis of the respective communities with respect to the operating cost environment, demographics, economics, and local incentives.

Address Research and Mailings

Compilation and verification of contact profiles of American companies in your field of interest. Additionally, mailing services are offered to potential clients, partners, or customers.

Business Partner Search

Business Partner Search

Identification and establishment of contact to potential U.S. customers, suppliers, and/or distribution partners, with the goal of introducing your products/services and arranging appointments with decision makers.


GACC Midwest:
Gerrit Ahlers
Director, Consulting & Corporate Development Services
+1 (312) 585-8345

GACC New York:
Susanne Gellert

Rechtsanwältin | Attorney at Law
Director, Legal Department
& Business Development

+1 (212) 974-8846

GACC South:
Michaela Schobert
Director, Consulting Services
+1 (404) 586-6804

GACC West:
Mirko Wutzler

Director, Business Development

+1 (415) 248-1243